From the football pitch to the vineyards…story of champions

The world of wine has attracted many famous people, actors, singers, football players and even journalists, who have decided to invest time and money in the production of wine, a trend that has become a status-,symbol moving to enology famous people who however make publicity to the wine , even if some wine makers whoContinue reading “From the football pitch to the vineyards…story of champions”

The wines Super Tuscan….the king, the Sassicaia.

In Tuscany, in the area of Bolgheri thanks to the intuition of Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta with the collaboration of one of the masters of Italian enology, Giacomo Tachis, in the Tenuta San Guido, was born the Sassicaia. The Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido tells the story of a wine that has become a myth.Continue reading “The wines Super Tuscan….the king, the Sassicaia.”

Why do not share and discuss the passion for the wine?

     What drives me to open this Wine Corner is the desire to share the wine passsion making with the intent to transmit my knowledge and my wine experiences. The passion for the enology was transmitted to me by my father in the 80s. In the following years I continued to be interested in enologyContinue reading “Why do not share and discuss the passion for the wine?”

ABC of the wine…

Label, shall provide the product information. More information are reported and more confidence we have in the product and vendor. What do we expect to find in the label? Origin, grapes, vintage, wine & denomination, production lot, health and legal indications, alcohol content What we could expect more? If it is bottled at the origin,Continue reading “ABC of the wine…”

The “Bubbles” – the Sparkling Wines Classic Method or Charmat/Martinotti?

Most likely all of us had the opportunity to taste a sparkling wine, Prosecco, Champagne or Cava just to name a few of the most famous. With this article, I try to clarify the difference between the classic/champenoise method and the Charmat/Martinotti method. The two most used methods of making sparkling wines in the world.Continue reading “The “Bubbles” – the Sparkling Wines Classic Method or Charmat/Martinotti?”